Rémi Sauvé

Rémi Sauvé is the original founder of High Fidelity Entertainment. The idea behind High Fidelity Entertainment came to him while on a spiritual journey through the high mountain passes of Nepal back in 1957. During that arduous journey of self-discovery, he would often hear a booming voice call out, “If you DJ, they will dance”. He then abruptly woke up and realized that he wasn’t really in Nepal but that the year was 2005 and he had nodded off on his couch at home while watching a BBC documentary on the Himalayas.

Now over 10 years later and with that much DJing experience, he’s decided to take full control of his DJing destiny and venture out on his own along with his good friend and cohort Sean Ryan. With Rémi’s affinity towards high audio fidelity, it only made sense that he would eventually come to DJ under the High Fidelity Entertainment moniker.

When Rémi’s not DJing, he’s either having a cold one at the local pub while dreaming of surfing reef breaks somewhere on the Pacific Coast of Central America or knitting holiday garments for family and friends.