About Us

High Fidelity Entertainment is a Calgary based mobile DJ company that’s committed to making your event one to remember! After a consultation with either Remi, Sean, or Ryan to discuss your particulars, you can be confident that your event will be one that’s customized to your every need.

The Disc Jockeys

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High Fidelity Entertainment brings only state-of-the-art, professional equipment to your event. We use high-end Mackie PA speakers and mixers as well as JBL subwoofers, all of which are more then adequate for most occasions. We also provide DMX-controlled, energy-saving LED lights that can be customized not only to individual songs, but also to the particular venue.

Eco-Friendly Business Practices

Here are some of the practices that we’ve undertaken in an effort to be more environmentally friendly with the way we do business.

Digitized Music Collection – Digitizing our music collection from CD to computer allows us to keep our originals in pristine condition, which negates the need to eventually replace the CDs because of wear and tear.

Online Marketing – Our only advertising is done through the web. Other than our business cards, we don’t produce any printed marketing materials. We rely solely on our google ranking and word of mouth for business.

Green Hosting – Our web hosting company, Dreamhost, is carbon neutral and achieves this by purchasing renewable energy certificates that offset the carbon emissions generated by all of their business activities.

Small Footprint – Since we can get by just fine by operating High Fidelity Entertainment out of our homes, there is no need for additional office space, which would subsequently lead to an unecessarily larger footprint.

Double-Sided Printed Contracts – We print our contracts double-sided. Even though it may seem insignificant on a per client basis, this drastically reduces the amount of paper that we would otherwise go through over the long-run.

Fuel Efficient Transportation – We drive small, fuel efficient cars to and from our events. Since our setups are small and compact (but produce big sound!), there is no need for gas-guzzlers to transport our equipment.

Online Client Questionnaire – Over the next year, we plan to move the client questionnaire to a digital format where it will be accessed and completed via the website. We hope to have this feature available before next Summer.